All our products can be downloaded for free and tried for 30 days. We encourage you to test all software functions during the trial period, and if there is something you would like to comment on, please, send us an email to


Despite our best efforts to support as many devices as possible, it may happen that SecuBox or SecuWipe will not install or run on some devices.

  • Installation problem: in many cases the processor type is not defined in a standard way. In this case our software does not get the CPU identification and would not install.
  • The software will not run: in some cases the software will successfully install but will return an error when you try to launch it. Some of Windows CE device manufacturers use their own specific names to identify the Windows CE platform (e.g. CM-X270, Jupiter etc instead of standard CEPC). That’s why you get the message that it can’t run there.

If any of the above happens, we would be glad to hear from you and try to fix the problem that appears on your Windows CE device.

The following information will help us find the solution:

1. The name of the specific device model
2. Even better – any .cab that is successfully installed and then run on your handheld.

You are welcome to contact us at should you need help using the software or troubleshoot it.