SecuBox Encryption SDK

SecuBox Encryption SDK is a developer toolkit for instant integration of the on-the-fly encryption into any Windows Embedded Compact/Windows CE applications.


Faced with the need to secure sensitive customer, patient or financial information, companies need to find ways to make their users use encryption without interfering with their daily jobs and important tasks.

Encryption and protecting sensitive data becomes easy and painless when it is integrated with the desired application. It is no longer the device user who is responsible for protecting data. It is now the the application itself that handles the entire process and transparently encrypts all data.

Cryptographic Features:

  • Encryption algorithms:  AES 256-bit
  • Hashing: Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA 512)
  • Encryption key backup
  • “Forgotten mode” – disk inactivity timeout, auto-unmount on device sleep
  • DOD Wiping
    SecuBox provides a file erasing facility that irretrievably wipes data. The wiping methods used by SecuBox conform to  US Department of Defense “DoD5220.22-M” data sanitizing specifications.


Supported platforms Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 (WEC7)/2013
Win CE 5x/6.0
Support for legacy platforms Windows CE 3.0/4.0/4.1/4.2, MIPS, SH3, SH4, X86
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