SecuWipe is an advanced utility for secure erasure/data sanitizing. It irretrievably deletes all traces of sensitive information on your mobile device, ensuring it will not get into wrong hands.

Wiping Free Space is one of the most critical procedures to be done to ensure no traces of temporary files are left in the device memory.

Why do you need to wipe free space?

The reason SecuWipe offers you to wipe free space is that when Windows applications work with the file, multiple copies of that file can be stored by these applications or Windows may optimize file positioning, making different copies of the file, changing only its address in FAT table. If you erase the file only without wiping free space there is a big chance that there are portions or even copies of this file remaining on the device or its memory card.

The Wipe Free Space is intended to irretrievably delete data in the following cases:

  • To erase previously deleted files: if you have previously deleted sensitive files, they may still exist in the free space of your device. Wiping free space will totally eliminate all traces of these files.
  • To erase temporary files: when you edit your documents, some programs (such as MS Office) create temporary files, which contain your sensitive information. These temporary files are intermediary copies of your document, and after you finish editing it, these copies are left in the device or memory card free space. Even after you have erased your initial document, there may exist several copies or parts of these files on your device or storage card. The solution is to periodically wipe free space.

If you wipe the free space by mistake, don’t panic: erasing free space will sanitize only the free space, containing temporary copies of files – it DOES NOT erase your existent files or folders.

SecuWipe is designed to wipe information from devices running on Windows CE/embedded platforms, as well as legacy Windows Mobile platforms, even the most early versions of Windows Mobile/Pocket PC.

If you need to securely wipe sensitive data within your organisation, please, either